When my grandmother passed away in 2008, some of her belongings were bequeathed unto me, including: a beautiful leather-handled umbrella; a gaudy, decorative frame of the Apparition of the Virgin Mary at Lourdes; and an old Fujifilm 35mm camera that both my grandparents had used as their go-to for holiday photos.
It's only recently - more than a decade since she passed - that I began using it. 
I don’t think we should attach sentimentality to physical and consumer objects, but I can’t deny the significance of photography to memory. And so, taking photos becomes part of enjoying life, and the images are a diary - all snapshots through time, of moments that I’ll never recreate.
I know that my gran would love that I travel around the world and take photos with her old camera. She would say "Tell me all about it," and then complain that I wasn't in any of the pictures. 

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