Jennifer Morris
Hi! I’m Jennifer Morris. I help make films happen as a producer at Cheerful Twentyfirst.
Prior to that, I was Head of Video at Axonn Media, where we made videos for the Internet and beyond.
In 2009, I created The Just A Minute Project, a lo-fi web series featuring quick interviews with awesome bands. It was picked up by SPINearth, Spin magazine’s video-centric global network at the time, and was super fun to make. Next came collabs on Indiehive, which mostly consisted of music documentary and independent culture. It's kind of on hiatus, but I still spend most of my free time making stuff with my friends at gigs, festivals - or wherever will have us.
I write, produce, shoot, direct and edit so take your pick! I love to talk about ideas and collaborations, so please email me if you do, too.